How does cashback work?

Retailers that operate online stores need buyers. Our members go to stores through the links on our website. Once members go to a specific store and buy something, retailers pay us commission for every purchase made. We share this commission with our members.

To get cashback, all you need to do is register here at, browse the stores we offer, go to a store you like through our links, and make a purchase. With each purchase you complete, we add to your account a percentage of the price you paid (usually 30%) or a fixed bonus.

As soon as the amount of savings reaches 50 AED, the money can be withdrawn to your e-wallet, credit card or simply mobile phone. Please NOTE that once a cashback is received in your account and shown in your profile , it can take up to 2 months before it becomes available for withdrawal.

This period is necessary for the orders to be completed and reported to us, for the commissions to be paid to us by stores, and finally it allows us to process your share of the money.

Our website offers more than 500 stores in UAE and the rest of the world for you to choose and shop. You can find everything from clothes and shoes to food and books, and even hotels to book and tickets to buy.

Many times people ask why would stores give some money back? It's simple, stores need visitors and buyers. We have our members who want to go to these stores and shop for products. It's a win-win deal. Stores get buyers, we and our members get the part of the money spent. Technically, there are four stages of the cashback concept:

1. The buyer (our member/user of our cashback service) pays the cost of goods in an online store.
2. The online shop processes orders and collects money paid for the price of the goods
3. The online shop pays us commission (percentage of the price or a fixed amount)
4. We share this commission with our members.