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At first I doubted for a long time whether or not it is worth buying through this service.
In the end, decided. I will say that I did not regret the service, those. support works quickly, all issues are dealt with promptly. I'm glad that past cashback is a good attitude to customers. Respect and respect for patience in this not easy work.
I am a regular customer of Aliexpress ... arranges the price of goods and the goods themselves, and when it is possible to receive cash back from them in general, it pleases.
I already advised my friends. One joined the two in line!
And to you I recommend this service.
Employees of Cashbackexpert thank you, for your patience and for what you have :)

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With this service I met not so long ago, about two months ago. Prior to that I used other similar services but chose Сashbackexpert. First, here is a great selection of shops, which are constantly being added, and a good percentage of cashback, secondly, are often promotions and cash back doubles in the third, intuitive interface.


Hello everybody!
In this review, we will talk about a service called Cashbackexpert. What kind of "bird" is this, and what does it "eat" with?
I met the site when I looked at one blogger. And people talked about cashback service, which brings real money, which you can withdraw and spend at your own discretion.
Well, my interest overpowered and I registered.
Immediately pleased with the pleasant design of the site, easily found the right store. Since I prefer to buy in online stores, for me it was a pleasant surprise that there is such a site that pays for what I buy.
Pleased feedback, which is established at a very good level. Customer support almost instantly answers all questions, helps to understand any problems and complexities

Marc Abdo
Marc Abdo

Hello friends!
Today I want to tell you about the service of the cashback services I use. I am a fairly active Internet user, and I make many purchases through the network, and not live. When I found out about the cashback systems, I started to look closely. I chose Cashbackexpert since it was advised by a friend whom I trust in these questions.
Essence: they have contracts with a large number of sites, when you go to sites from the site Cashbackexpert and the subsequent purchase you get a cashback. It can be completely different, depending on the site. On some, a fixed price, on some - a certain percentage of the purchase price.
You can also receive income from referrals - that is, if a person registered for your link, then for each of his purchases through the service cashback you will drip money. Not to the detriment of him, but plus!


I recently discovered cashbacks. I can say that I'm satisfied with Cashbackexpert. The percentage return of the cost of goods is very pleasant and pleases a large selection of online stores and regularly held shares.
Most of all I returned for buying tickets and equipment. Not bad worked my hotel and hostel bookings on the Booking.
I liked very much that there is a possibility to withdraw money in several ways. I was pleasantly surprised by the timing of the withdrawal.
I have no complaints about the shops that confirm my purchases. Everything happened within the stated deadlines.
My opinion about the cash-service Cashbackexpert is great. I can safely recommend it. It's very nice to receive gifts!