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Dear users, please note that there is no minimum order sizes in Banggood.com.
Their products can be shipped to almost all the countries in the world and they offer standard shipping for most of them. 

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Tell me please, are there any warranty tickets? If yes, are they full and for how long?


Banggood - my favorite casket with a surprise. And I'm glad of him, and no. Glad that the choice is chic, but no - because it tightens the search, eventually buying even more than you need) Thanks to cashback by the way, even more here I save, despite the fact that there are very advantageous offers.

You're right. Using a cashback will reduce the price. Thank you for review.


Found on Banggood.com a Wi-Fi antenna for computers, in order that there would be fewer wires, a very convenient thing. So in the online store they cost a penny. Tried already. Excellent quality. To make it more profitable, I ordered several pieces - I will sell)))


Bought on Banggood the original night light in the children's room in the form of an egg, with a small surprise. It was built in a humidifier, just what you need for a baby. Because heating dries the skin. Paid almost nothing, using a cashback)

Thanks for the comment. A satisfied customer is our reward)


I'm still more suited to shopping online store Banggood, it is somehow and nicer and convenient to use. Of all the Chinese shops, I chose it.


I bought a leather jacket for Banggood. I liked the style and price, but did not even think that the quality would be so great. Thin, pleasant skin. Without foreign smell. Not only is it cheap, so I still used cashback, so it turned out to be even more profitable.


Banggood super-store, in which cheap prices for goods. Pleases very fast processing and delivery of the goods, polite consultants. I ordered the Meizu phone, the package arrived on time, the quality is very satisfied, everything works. When paying through the Internet I used cashback, which allowed me to return some money back.

You're right. Using a cashback will save money. Thank you for review.


I liked the site, one of the popular Chinese sites. Very convenient in the search, like that you can order a lot of things at the same time, not as on AliExpress - different sellers. Prices are slightly higher, but at the expense of discounts you can survive this increase. It is very convenient, that it is possible to list through PayPal, as I like to make purchases with cashback.

Yes! With a cashback is better;)


Bangood - online store is very similar to AliExpress, but here it is more like site design. A lot of promotions. I bought three times, constantly on shares, with a return to cashback. Understanding managers, helping to place an order and delivery.


Several times we bought small things for the family on Banggood. Everything is easy and simple to make out, the delivery came quickly and everything is intact. Payment was done through PayPal using a cashback. You can also save money)

You are absolutely right! You can save money!) Thank you)

Banggood.com is one of the best multinational Chinese stores with a huge assortment for all occasions.

Here you can find everything you need for a happy life, from the latest developments of Chinese manufacturers in the field of electronics (phones, tablets), ending with jewelry for a few cents. Banggood.com has a wide range of more than 200000 products of different categories, like Apple accessories, smartphones, electronics, RC toys, LED lights, clothing, beauty products, jewelry, watches, and more.

Every product has been carefully selected to offer the best quality at a low price. The shop keeps up with fashion and constantly update their range, so you can buy the latest electronics, gadgets and much more.