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Time of accrual of cashback

Average waiting time for the payment of cashback: 60 days

Information and terms
Dear users, please note that cashback will be credited only 30 days after the actual residence in a hotel.
Please keep you checks or payment reseipts untill you get the cashback.

Pay attention that cashback will be credited only for booking during one session.
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Vadym Vataga

I made booking and after departure from hotel  I got my cash back ! Nice service


Our friends advised us on Booking.com. I myself do not really understand this, but my husband easily figured out everything. He says that everything is very easy and convenient. He promised to teach me)) So far we have traveled around Europe. In all the hotels our room has always waited for us)))


Yes i too easily figured out how to book. Nothing complicated! It's good that you can save money with the help of cashback!

You're right. Using a cashback will save money. Thank you for review.


Personally, I like that this site is very simple and convenient. And the service itself is very famous and reliable.


When I travel, I like to choose the route myself. Somewhere you want to spend more time, and somewhere and one day is enough. For this, Booking.com is very suitable. Planed, booked and rest without problems!


I really love traveling, and prefer to do it without the help of a travel agency. Always when choosing a hotel and booking the room used the site Booking.com and not once he did not let me down. Everything is always at the highest level. When paying, I used cashback, which allowed me to save money.

Thank you for your comment. Good advice) We wish you a pleasant journey!


I can not find the feedback on the site. I want to ask some questions tech support.
Who should ask these questions and where?

Answers to all the questions you can find on our website in the Questions and answers section. You can also ask our specialists in the Support section. These sections are at the bottom of the page of our website.


Before I wrote about Booking.com I decided to read the reviews myself and was shocked by the fact that there are also negative ones. Firstly, the site is very informative, convenient, with shares. Well, why are you lazy to read the terms on the site, read everything, even what is written in small print. I have been traveling for several years thanks to this site, it is very profitable. Paying is convenient, and there are promotional codes and cashback can be returned. Is it really that hard?

Thank you. We try to meet the highest levels.


I like very much that there are a huge selection of hotels in Buking for any taste and purse. Quite quickly booked. You can immediately pay for it, we paid with cashback. The support team reacts instantly. If they made a mistake somewhere, they quickly solved this problem.


I always use the booking service, book within 5-7 minutes, pay online, and return the cashback as well! Everything is great!

It's great! We are glad for you)

The company Booking.com, founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, has gone from a small Dutch start-up to one of the leaders in the world market of online travel booking. Booking.com, a division of the Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), employs more than 15,000 people in 198 offices in 70 countries.

Mission Booking.com - inspire people to new discoveries. Therefore, Booking.com strives to make travel as easy as possible with the help of digital technologies.

Booking.com is:
- More than 20 million users every month
- More than 520 000 accommodation options worldwide
- Over 30 million real reviews

Benefits of booking.com:
- Guarantee of the best price
- Reservation without commission
- Hotel choice in any of 206 countries
- Possibility to book both a room in a luxury hotel and a bed in a hostel
- Simplicity of dressing armor.