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Average waiting time for the payment of cashback: 30 days

Information and terms
Dear users, please note that cashback will be credited only for car rental.
Pay attention that cashback is charged on the amount of the service fee, and not on the amount of the car rental.

Cashback will be credited only after the completion of the lease (return of the car), since the number of days and the amount of the order can be changed by the user during the lease.

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EconomyBookings.com operates in the online booking market since 2008. They started as a small business working in an affiliate car rental program in Spain. They created a platform that would not only allow their clients to book a car, but to make this process as easy as possible allowing their clients to choose their most suitable car rental plan.

Today EconomyBookings.com takes the leading positions in Europe’s Internet booking market with a wide range of services as well as their service are now available in more than 150 countries. At the moment EconomyBookings.com has more than 55 employees each of whom is a professional in their own field. For number of years most of their employees have worked in various distribution companies in United States, Britain, Spain and Germany and therefore have the right knowledge and experience to satisfy clients ever growing needs.