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CleanMyMac 3 solves the problem of free space, monitors the use of RAM and looks after the key parameters of the main components of the system.


MacPaw delivers the best utility apps to the market! Love SetApp and CleanMyMac! Great design and functionality. Totally user-oriented :)


Their product CleanMyMac is amazing. I bought it a few months ago and my iMac hasn’t been the same since! It’s booting faster, running smoother and the difference is amazing! I think many people confuse it with Mackeeper which is total BS of an app.


The company always focus on customers!
They help each time you ask and provide perfect and useful products.


MacPaw delivers the best utility apps to the market! Love SetApp and CleanMyMac! Great design and functionality. Totally user-oriented :)
Nice addition - cashback. It can be used for new purchases!

Good idea) Cashback can be used for anything)) Thanks for your feedback!


Exactly! The purpose of CleanMyMac is useless things on your Mac. These can be old logs, unnecessary language files, backups in iTunes, an outdated cache and other objects that take up space on the disk.

Retired Ron

One of the best investments for those who want to maintain their computer is OK.
Excellent software, great cashback. Super!

Thank you!


CleanMyMac 3 solves the problem of insufficient productivity, allows you to monitor the use of resources and save space on small-volume SSDs, and also offers a set of additional utilities for system maintenance.


The program offered me to remove about 70 GB of files, and more than half of them I really did not need. Then I understood the beauty of CleanMyMac. Thank you)
Thanks for the cashback too)) Money is not superfluous))


CleanMyMac 3 fully meets the traditionally high standards of quality of MacPaw products. So if it's important for you to keep your file pools clean and tidy, and the system in good shape, - CleanMyMac should be studied by yourself.

MacPaw specializes in creating Mac software with outstanding design and usability.

MacPaw best-sellers include:

1. CleanMyMac 3 - to scan every inch of your system, remove gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and monitor the health of your Mac

2. Gemini - to find duplicate files and wipe them away

3. Hider 2 -  to hide and encrypt data on your Mac

MacPaw offers software to listen to online radio stations based on your tastes, to group apps on your Mac neatly into categories so it will take you seconds to find them, to add an encryption to your files to make them incredibly secure and more.