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Information and terms
Dear users, please note that amount of cashback may be different, look at the table bellow:

Paid order (CloudProxy-Professional)    37.6€
Paid order (CloudProxy-Business)          131.1€
Paid order (CloudProxy-Basic)                 18.8€
AntiVirus-Professional                               18.4%
AntiVirus-Business                                     18.4%
AntiVirus-Basic                                            18.4%
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Sucuri provides website owners with a comprehensive Website AntiVirus and Website Firewall solution, cleaning websites when hacked and protecting them from being hacked.
The mission is to build the best and most affordable cloud-based security technologies and services that every website, regardless of platform, can employ.
Benefits for users of Sucuri.com:
-    competitive prices;
-    easy-to-use service;
-    innovative tool, including malware & hack cleanu & prevention, blacklist detection, DDoS protection and continuous security monitoring;
-    new experiences;
-    constant updates;
-    attractive interface.